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Business In The Community (BITC) is a business-led charity who works with thousands of businesses to help tackle some of the key issues facing society.

BITC provide a range of services, practical guidance and creative solutions that help businesses review, improve, measure and report, including the BITC CR Index.

The BITC CR Index is a self-assessment tool that provides an insight into how leading companies are driving responsible business practice. Kier made its first submission to the CR Index in 2008, achieving a creditable 58.5% but over the course of just five years rose to 95%, achieving BITC's highest ranking of Platinum Big Tick.

In 2014, BITC re-calibrated its scoring system making the Index more challenging and more in-depth. This meant different percentage weightings for different categories, additional questions and categories to complete and a completely revised rating system. In place of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, they now have a 1 to 5 star rating based upon the new scoring methodology and percentages from 2014.

In light of this and the acquisition of May Gurney, Kier made the decision to retain its Platinum Big Tick status for one year and focus on the submission for 2015. The result of our 2015 submission shows that we achieved 87%, putting us within the 2.5 star rating.


Name: Gareth Rondel

Job title: Head of Group Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility report



CR performance

Kier Group plc. Registered office: Tempsford Hall, Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19 2BD

Registered in England No. 2708030

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