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Kieran: Kier’s safety mascot

Kieran, our health and safety mascot, helps spread the word about safety to young children in the communities where Kier works.

Kier is highly active in the education sector and this means we are frequently working in and around schools. This gives us an excellent opportunity to interact with children and to help them understand the significance of safe behaviour on building sites.

When Kieran visits a school, he encourages children to think about the dangers of building sites and the importance of considering health and safety in our world.

Kieran is always accompanied by health and safety officers and children are given the opportunity to try on personal protective equipment to help them understand how people need to be protected in dangerous situations.

We encourage children to think about safety by designing safety posters and we provide a range of materials including children’s high visibility vests, reading books and activity books to reinforce the message.

Children enjoy meeting Kieran and teachers welcome these visits which complement the national curriculum.


Name: Kathy Almansoor

Job title: Head of Group Employee Relations

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Kier Group plc. Registered office: Tempsford Hall, Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19 2BD

Registered in England No. 2708030

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