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The Kier Foundation

The Kier Foundation is an independently registered charity, which supports both Kier’s charity partner, and other charitable causes close to the hearts of our employees and the communities our businesses operate in.

The Kier Foundation was established as an independent charity in 2011, with its purpose being to raise funds for and offer practical assistance to charitable bodies throughout the UK, mainly through the activities of Kier employees and Kier businesses.

The Kier Foundation works with Kier to nominate a corporate charity partner every two years, and focuses its fundraising activities on the chosen partner during that time. Currently Kier’s chosen charity partner is Alzheimer’s Society until June 2018. The charity partner selection process is based on the charities most supported by Kier’s employees and businesses in the previous two years, and therefore The Kier Foundation does not accept applications from external charities.

In addition to working with the chosen charity partner, The Kier Foundation supports Kier employees in their own fundraising activities, and each colleague is able to apply for up to £200 in additional sponsorship, twice a year. This means that every Kier employee can boost their fundraising activities by £400 each financial year. Since its formation, The Kier Foundation has donated over £110,000 to charities nominated by Kier employees in relation to their fundraising activities.

The Kier Foundation also assists Kier’s regional businesses in their own local engagement, and can donate up to £5,000 towards materials and other goods needed for community projects that regional businesses wish to get involved with. It is encouraged that businesses use this funding to support charitable causes they have a close relationship to, and therefore we do not accept applications for support from external causes.

Working with Alzheimer’s Society to change the dementia landscape

Kier Group has selected the Alzheimer’s Society as its new corporate charity partner. The two-year partnership, which began on 1 July 2016, was established after feedback from Kier employees on who their preferred charity partner would be.

Alzheimer's Society is the UK’s leading support and research charity for people with dementia, their families and carers, helping the 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK today.

Over the next two years, Kier and Alzheimer’s Society will work together to change the landscape for people affected by dementia, to ensure they can live independent lives. To support this Kier’s registered charity, The Kier Foundation, will work to increase awareness of dementia throughout the business and provide easy access to information, advice and services.

The Foundation will also hold various fundraising events aimed at engaging and inspiring Kier employees to raise funds for the charity to provide care for today, and a cure for tomorrow. During the course of the partnership, Kier aims to raise enough to fund a unique research project into early onset dementia, as well as 6,500 Dementia Support Workers hours who help those living with dementia remain independent in their homes for longer.

Speaking about the new partnership, Alan Smith, director of group corporate responsibility at Kier, said: “We’re extremely excited to be starting this new partnership with Alzheimer’s Society. We were very keen to hear from Kier employees about who are new partner should be and it was clear from the feedback we received that the Alzheimer’s Society was extremely close to their hearts.

“We’re looking forward to a successful partnership and hope to fund many Dementia Support Worker hours, allowing them to provide a vital service to those living with dementia.”

Alzheimer’s Society chief executive, Jeremy Hughes CBE, said of the partnership: “I am delighted that Kier Group has decided to support Alzheimer’s Society as their charity partner over the next two years. With the support of Kier Group, we will be able to continue to provide care for people living with dementia today and research a cure for tomorrow.

“I am also excited about Kier Group contributing to making the communities we live in dementia friendly. I look forward to building a successful partnership with a lasting legacy.”


Name: Kathy Almansoor

Job title: Head of Group Employee Relations

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Kier Group plc. Registered office: Tempsford Hall, Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19 2BD

Registered in England No. 2708030

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