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    Providing corporate clients with dynamic solutions.


Kier provides high-quality new builds, renovations and a complete suite of world-class services to commercial clients.

Our construction, renovation and fit-out work is renowned for being meticulously planned and immaculately executed. Our specialist commercial teams are adept at working in live environments, where shoppers, workers and visitors carry on their business while we work.

Kier are often involved in the early stages of project planning, where we seek innovative solutions to novel challenges – and often save our clients time and money.

Kier also provide a wide range of services to commercial clients, including facilities management, asset management, waste disposal, maintenance and energy solutions.

Whether you need a single service or a complete solution, Kier offers high quality services at competitive prices. At every stage we aim to remove tasks and concerns from you, so you and your staff can focus on your core activities. Reporting systems give you a clear view of our service delivery and help us monitor progress and constantly improve.

Whether you need a new office block or a partner who can manage your facilities, Kier offer consistent quality and the support and strength of our Group. Our teams rely on the latest technology and techniques to provide better, more efficient services.

We believe in localism, and typically draw on local talent and suppliers to help us complete projects. This approach ensures that your local community benefits from your activity. We work hard to be a responsible corporation, and we strive to minimise environmental impacts on every job we do. Every project is an opportunity for us to offer training and work experience to the next generation of designers, engineers, builders and technicians.


Name: Leigh Thomas

Job title: Managing Director

Kier Group plc. Registered office: Tempsford Hall, Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19 2BD

Registered in England No. 2708030

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