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    Public sector

    A total construction and services solution

Public sector

Kier provides a total construction and services solution to the public sector – providing a cohesive facility that reduces costs, improves results and meets targets.

Kier is entrusted with some of the public sector’s most prestigious projects – ranging from construction and refurbishment to services such as waste collection, facilities management and energy solutions. With dedicated teams in areas including healthcare, infrastructure, housing and custodial, Kier can help you meet your targets in a fast, affordable manner. And our financial stability means you can trust us to deliver, year after year.

Our involvement with frameworks such as ProCure21+ and Scape means that we understand the nuances of delivering projects to the public sector – and particularly for the need to improve results while reducing costs. Kier’s broad offering of services and solutions means you can easily reduce the number of suppliers you rely on and achieve economies of scale.

We believe in the power of close co-operation. By working closely with you we can align our services to your needs. Our consultative approach helps us find smart solutions to your challenges, while meshing project outcomes with your wider goals – such as environmental and social targets. For example, we seek innovative techniques to turn waste into useful materials – or energy. And many Kier projects are training grounds for tomorrow’s engineers, builders and technicians.

You can also benefit from our dedication to localism, which leads us to channel funds back into your communities by employing local people and using local suppliers. Beyond the tangible, we also endeavour to understand the culture of your communities, and adapt to your way of working. Our local teams excel at completing projects on-time and on-budget, while minimising disruption so that business and life can continue while we work.


Name: Mervyn Greer

Job title: Director of Strategic Development

Name: Pip Prongue

Job title: Property Director

Asset Management Brochure


Kier Group plc. Registered office: Tempsford Hall, Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19 2BD

Registered in England No. 2708030

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