Working Responsibly

Kier believes corporate responsibility starts with running a safe, efficient and profitable business, so that we are in a strong position to share wider benefits with the communities where we operate. This means working in a responsible way, respecting our people and supply chain, making safety a priority and protecting the environment. It also means working hard to be a good neighbour and helping our customers and their communities by supporting local supply chains, community initiatives and good causes.

96 (2017: 130) AIR
90% (2017:91%) Customer Experience
93% (2017: 91%) BITC (Business in the Community)
30 by 30 Successful roll out of energy efficiency strategy
£157m Social Impact

Sustainable business strategy

Our vision is to be a world-class customer focused company that invests in, builds, maintains and renews the places where we live work and play. To achieve this vision we embarked on an ambitious plan, Vision 2020, to grow our market share and expand our range of services. In doing so we will deliver enhanced returns for our shareholders and create value for society and the environment. As part of this we established a sustainable business strategy – Responsible Business, Positive Outcomes – which sets a number of key performance indicators and targets for the Group.

An extensive consultation exercise was undertaken with employees, clients and shareholders to understand what is important to them and ensure we deliver against their expectation of us, which has shaped our strategy for a sustainable business. The outcomes of this exercise can be found here. As a result of this engagement, the strategy has four underlying theme areas:

  • Governance
  • People and Communities
  • Environment
  • Marketplace


Our strategy explained

Each area contains various focus areas which form our strategic priorities. 2018 marked a mid-way point to 2020, we produced a revised strategy document to update our performance against our original targets and revise those already achieved.

The revised strategy for a sustainable business-  Responsible business, positive outcomes - is available here

We produce an annual Corporate Responsibility Report which outlines our performance against our non-financial KPIs. The report complies with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and our reporting guidelines are available here.

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