A business built on people

People are central to the success of any customer facing business and Kier is no exception. Which is why we are looking to attract and retain the very best and brightest talent, to help us innovate and deliver great things for our clients. We do this by providing our people, whatever their background or experience, with engaging and interesting opportunities at work and the chance to get involved in the communities where we operate. An important part of this is treating people fairly within a balanced business culture so that all have equal access to opportunities to help them thrive at Kier. We make sure that all Kier employees across every part of the business have regular opportunities to learn and grow, this year we delivered 65,487 training days in order to develop our people

Attracting talent

We are keen to attract people from a range of backgrounds and experience, female as well as male, work experience to graduates, students still at school making decisions about future careers to those returning to the employment market as veterans or ex-offenders. We do this because a wide variety of ideas, views and experience makes our business stronger. We have in place a number of initiatives and campaigns to attract the very best talent into Kier and we provide additional support such as mentoring programme for those from minority groups looking to progress within our business.

Treating people fairly

Equally important is retaining the best people in our teams. We can only do this if we operate within a positive environment and fulfil the career expectations of our team members. We do this by promoting a truly inclusive culture, which respects diversity and applies fairness at all time across Kier. Also underpinning this is the activity we undertake on engagement and adhering to key codes of conduct on modern slavery and bribery and corruption.

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Every project we deliver is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to being a responsible business.