Kier pledges to break the chain on modern slavery

At Kier, we don’t just get things done – we pride ourselves on doing them the right way. Therefore we have signed up to the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) Construction Protocol, an agreement between construction companies and the UK Government that has a goal to end labour abuse across the UK.

Mark Heath, Deputy Director of Business Change at the GLAA, said:

“We are delighted that Kier has signed up to our Construction Protocol and pledged to fight modern slavery and labour abuse. When organisations agree to the protocol, they commit to work in partnership with us to protect vulnerable and exploited workers. They also agree to share information to stop exploitation and pledge to raise awareness of slavery through supply chains. Together, we can put an end to modern slavery and labour exploitation for good.”

Modern slavery toolkit

Kier have collaborated with other leading construction firms, via the GLAA, to produce tools to help prevent modern slavery and exploitation on sites. These tools include a presentation for new starters, posters, and a toolbox talk to help raise awareness of workers' rights. All of these are available to download below. 



What can we do on site?

Deliver: Toolbox Talk

Present: Induction slides (including translated versions for Polish, Urdu, Hindi, Lithuanian and Romanian speakers)

Distribute: three posters on key modern slavery topics. Site rules, everyone has rights and financial control (editable for you to adapt and personalise). Unbranded versions of these tools are also available here 

Sign up: Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) Construction Protocol

Read: Guidance on carrying out right to work checks

Download: Go Smart app to carry out site checks on CSCS cards

Kier operates in some sectors that are vulnerable to modern slavery; one of them is the construction sector. Please watch the video below for a reconstruction of a true story unconnected with Kier.

Want to learn more about safeguarding against modern slavery?

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