The Challenge:

Bees are facing multiple threats, including habitat loss, climate change and pesticides. 

As part of extension and refurbishment works to Manchester's Windmill Green the client, FORE Partnership, wanted to create safe habits for local colonies.

The Kier project team worked with tenants to introduce hives that would allow the bees to thrive within an operating urban environment.

The Solution:

Kier introduced two bee hives and an apiary on the roof of the building. The colonies are protected, with easy access to nectar and pollen and freedom to fly and forage, and food stores are monitored to ensure levels are high enough to guarantee the colonies’ survival and welfare.

Kier holds regular ‘meet the bees’ sessions, where attendees can safely handle bees, honey-extracting workshops and informal discussions.

The Impact:

Since being handed over to the client, Windmill Green is fast on on track to becoming the second building in Manchester to have achieved an ‘Outstanding’ BREEAM rating.

The hives not only contribute to a greener environment for the tenant and residents, but also create a positive impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

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