The Challenge:

​Kier was preparing to start planned maintenance works on the A303 when the project team were made aware of a protected kingfisher nesting area near to the highways contract.

While discussing the various traffic management layouts and closures that were to take place as part of the scheme, a local resident pointed out that in the River Test bank, at the very bottom of his garden, there were kingfishers building a nest. As a bird enthusiast, the resident knew that the works could disturb the nesting process.

Their scarcity means kingfishers are protected under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and it is illegal to take, kill or injure a kingfisher or its nest, eggs or young, or to intentionally disturb the birds during breeding season.

The Solution:

Highways colleagues went the extra mile to engage with the local resident and ensure that the protected species was made priority when considering the works schedule.

Through building relationships with local people, Kier identified a threat to the protected birds and was able to rearrange works to ensure their safety.

Kier visited the residents house the next day with an ecologist to discuss a way forward that wouldn't impact on the protected birds. Both the delivery and environment teams agreed to delay the works once the kingfisher nesting season is over. 

The Impact:

The story caught the attention of BBC South News and the Kier team were interviewed on the kingfishers and their new-found friendship. 

Because of the fantastic community engagement, the team were able to move the start date of the works with minimal disruption and financial impact.

Since rescheduling the works, residents continue to provide the team with regular photos and updates on the progress of the kingfishers and other wildlife in the area.

Many Kier employees have roles with a purpose to build relationships with local communities or to look after protected wildlife. 

Looking out for kingfishers
" The resident and I have become good friends now. Having this information meant I was able to re-programme our works to take place any sooner "
Pete Lucie Fencing Delivery Manager Kier

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