The Challenge:

With hedgehog numbers declining, it’s important we do all we can to help them, and this is even more so in urban areas and large cities.

With Regent’s Park being the only central London Royal Park with a breeding population, Kier needed to work collaboratively with Thames Water to reduce the impact on hedgehogs from utility diversion works taking place on London Zoo’s carpark as part of HS2.


The Solution:

An ecological mitigation plan has been developed in consultation with ZSL which included measures to protect the hedgehog community. The project team has hired a dedicated ecologist who will be on site throughout the duration of the contract.

A bespoke hoarding has been erected to cordon off the site from the surrounding habitats to ensure that hedgehogs and other wildlife are protected. In addition, wildlife corridors are encouraging hedgehogs to try and move in to neighbouring Regent’s Park and hedgehog nest boxes have been introduced.

The Impact:

By working collaboratively with the client and neighbouring ZSL London Zoo, the team has put effective measures in place to ensure essential works do not impact the surrounding wildlife.

Kier and Thames Water continue to work with Royal Parks and ZSL to plan similar protective measures while the site is in use.

Kier Group - Hedgehogs

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