Respecting People

Kier takes seriously its responsibility to respect and protect the people we work with and the places we work in. This means treating people fairly and ethically whether they are employees, contractors or suppliers.

We aim to meet the principles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Convention. Both policies are reflected in our approach to responsible procurement.

As part of this, we are an early partner of the Government's GLAA Construction protocol which more comprehensively and proactively addresses the risk posed by modern slavery. To view the protocol please click here.

Supporting skills development  

At Kier, every new starter receives training on both our Code of Conduct and on the risks of bribery and corruption. Our Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics are reviewed frequently and employees are able to bring attention to issues through the Speak Up helpline, a confidential helpline that notifies Kier of any breaches to the Code of Conduct. 

We have been an associate member of the Independent Considerate Constructors Scheme since 2008. This involves being a good neighbour by taking steps to minimise noise and vibrations, informing local people about our work, caring for the environment and keeping people safe.