The importance of this campaign 

Kier Highways mental health awareness campaign 'Safety In Mind' encourages employees to look after their own mental health and keep an eye out for any colleagues who may be struggling.

At Kier, we take the mental health of our employees very seriously. We want to remove the stigma of mental health and encourage people to talk to each other about issues affecting them, both inside and outside of the workplace.

In Kier Highways we have 66 mental health first aiders, trained to recognise the signs of mental ill health and provide help when needed. These form part of over 330 mental health first aiders trained across Kier. 

#SafetyInMind films

The '#SafetyInMind' films follow the story of a Kier road worker Charlie and his family, after an accident is prevented thanks to one of our innovations, the Mobile Barrier. 

This six part series then shows the impact this incident has on Charlie at work and on his home life. The films looks at the role colleagues can have in helping to identify the signs of any mental health issues occurring and the ways they can help people overcome these issues. 

Watch the #SafetyInMind films

Blog posts

Read our blog posts about this campaign from highways maintenance operative Gary and executive director of Kier Highways, Dave Wright.

" At Kier Highways we’re always looking at ways to promote personal wellbeing and the safety of our workforce. We wanted to lead the charge with our employees and encourage them to look after their mental health and to keep an eye out for their colleagues who might be struggling. "
Dave Wright executive director Kier Highways

We have built facilities across the UK that support mental health patients