The Challenge:

Kier has long recognised the importance of attracting and retaining the best talent, whatever background people are from.

This is not just because of altruistic reasons but because it makes our business stronger – both financially and because we want to encourage a wide range of ideas.

The Solution:

In order to think collaboratively about what our business should look like in future, we set up a working group to discuss and action a series of areas of improvement. This focuses on agile working and creating a well-rounded workplace which is inclusive for all.

A pilot project is now being run to test the true benefits of agile working. This includes making available new digital tools which enable people to work in a more agile way. For example, the launch of Office 365 has helped keep people connected not just via work computers but from phones, tablets and personal computers, anywhere, anytime.

Each week #Forwardthinking hosts an hour-long Skype session to promote the sharing of new ideas. This includes guest speakers.

The Impact:

As a result of the Balanced Work Network and other initiatives to create a more balanced business, we are seeking improved employee engagement and the development of a more inclusive and innovative culture.

Over time we hope that this will translate into being better able to attract and retain the best people which will save money and time on recruitment.

By encouraging people to work more flexibly this will save travel costs and meeting room hire, and also reduce our carbon footprint.

" Our goal is to enable our balanced business network meeting to be broadcast live across our business so that everyone has the opportunity to join in. If you are unable to travel, whatever your circumstances, you shouldn’t feel restricted and technology is able to help. "
Charlotte Blower Project Manager Kier