The Challenge:

Using an accelerator fund set aside for innovation, we have developed technology to deliver swifter customer service to routine enquiries out of hours. Designed to manage simple, repetitive service requests, virtual assistants or ‘chat bots’ are allowing the business to respond quickly when helpdesks are either closed or facing a large number of requests.

The Solution:

A new virtual assistant, called Kiera, is supporting more than 40 different helpdesks in the group by providing an automated response to the most routine queries relating to IT, HR, financial services, housing maintenance, facilities management and homes for private sale.

For example, half of IT service desk calls are now being automated, freeing up engineers to focus on the most technically challenging problems.

The Impact:

While the technology is still in its infancy, Kiera is already allowing the business to respond faster to routine queries out of hours, improving customer satisfaction and driving efficiencies by freeing up service desk staff.