The Challenge:

Kier employees are brimming with bright ideas about how to make our business better. But like many big corporate organisations, we sometimes struggle to find the right technology to make our ideas fly, slowing down progress on innovation.

The Solution:

Kier has teamed up with The Bakery, an open innovation accelerator, to collaborate and innovate with entrepreneurs and the start-up community to help solve challenges using technology.

We’ve already worked with The Bakery to identify key areas within the business which could benefit from using technology and a number of challenges have been created. This work is helping us to break away from what has previously been a slower corporate innovation process. By working alongside a range of entrepreneurs it is showing us different methodology and practice, not usually experienced in the corporate environment.

We are now seeing some of our initial ideas turned into more tangible solutions, and we are exploring how the benefits may be rolled out more widely across Kier.

The Impact:

The methodology and support from The Bakery have helped us to develop a way of better tracking productivity on a site. Using a tool called, we have automated record-keeping photographically. This initiative was trialled on a live project where we were developing a hotel at Reading Gateway, initially for a month. It was so successful that the trial period was extended until the end of the project and we are now looking to expand the scope and roll this out to other sites.

The method of recording is more accurate and consistent when compared with manual capture. It is also saving time, as the images are recorded without a need for individuals to input information. We also found that the communication between the subcontractor on site and Kier employees was improved.