The Challenge:

Kier is collaborating with others across the infrastructure industry to identify areas for improvement. This is particularly relevant following the publication of the government’s vision for a post-Brexit Britain which announced a series of deals to support the development of new technology across four main themes - digital transformation, offsite manufacturing, lifecycle performance and culture.

The Solution:

Kier is a founding member of i3P, an innovative new platform which allows the brightest minds in infrastructure to work together to shape the future. Working with a wide range of clients and supply chain partners, as well as competitors, i3P is creating a safe space to discuss and agree areas for industry improvement. Members transform bright ideas into opportunities and practical solutions, providing a mechanism for strategically directing innovation which addresses the major challenges our industry faces.

The Impact:

Kier has already contributed to a number of discovery projects which were identified on the technology roadmap as requiring cross-industry collaboration.

" The passion shown by the i3P industrial players to collaborate for the benefit of the whole industry has impressed me "
Neil Rawlinson Strategic Director Manufacturing Technology Centre