The Challenge:

Working with Highways England and local authority clients on many of Britain’s busiest roads, we are always seeking new ways to improve the safety of our workforce and the travelling public.

The Solution:

SAFETYcam developed by Carnell as part of a Kier initiative to improve safety, detects and records dangerous driving and also acts as a visual deterrent, to encourage drivers to change their behaviour. It records when unauthorised vehicles are entering traffic management areas and if site traffic is speeding, through cloud-based technology.

In parallel with this, a powered trailer called Road Rake Model 200, has been developed to collect debris from the carriageway. It was adapted from the ‘Surf Rake’ used mainly in the US to capture litter from beaches. It is now being used on reactive works and for incident response. Kier is the first organisation to invest in these vehicles on the UK road network.

The Impact:

VThese new vehicles improve safety on Britain’s roads. The HD video camera and ANPR camera footage captured by SAFETYcam are legally enforceable and held on a watermarked hard drive. The work carried out by Road Rake reduces the need for workers to cross or carry out work on live carriageways, reducing the likelihood of accident and the amount of time a carriageway is blocked or closed.