Kier has been working with York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for 15 consecutive years. Here, Chris Bennett discusses the relationship and journey of projects Kier has delivered, transforming the York Teaching Hospital for local people.

“Kier initially started working with the York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in 2004, when it was appointed as the preferred supply chain partner to deliver projects under the ProCure 21 Framework, one of the frameworks used to appoint healthcare projects in the UK.

Since the start of our working relationship, we have delivered 18 projects for the Trust. The first we were appointed to deliver is the breast, haematology and oncology (BHO) unit at York Hospital. This included demolition of the existing unit and alterations to the first floor of the outpatient’s department including new bridge links to provide access between the two units, making it more convenient for patients and healthcare professionals to travel across the unit.

Following on from the BHO unit we have worked on a variety of projects for the Trust, ranging from internal strip outs to form a six-theatre suite, a new ultra-modern interim critical care unit (ICCU), a multi-storey car park for visitor parking, a bereavement suite and a coronary care unit.

Most recently, we have delivered a new endoscopy unit at York Hospital. It is built on top of the existing physiotherapy unit between two other hospital buildings and designed to be one of the best in the country. The unit increases York Hospital’s endoscopy facilities from three rooms to seven, improving efficiency and allowing the hospital to meet increasing demand for endoscopy services. It connects to the main hospital via a link bridge at first floor level.

The entire programme of works has taken place in a live hospital environment with close partnership working and cooperation between ourselves and the client. We have needed to ensure we’re not too noisy or disruptive to patients or visitors, resulting in the smooth ‘business as usual’ day-to-day running of the hospital.

Our longstanding and successful relationship has been developed through an open, honest and collaborative working relationship which has always been maintained. We have continuously kept Trust employees and stakeholders as informed as possible throughout projects, with site visits to improve understanding of works and processes.

To continue to keep communication flowing we have developed innovative ways of sharing projects and plans with key stakeholders. This included introducing a full-sized mock-up room and 3D walk-throughs, assisting in spatial awareness and flows – allowing the stakeholders to raise any thoughts or concerns they might have. This teamworking ethos has allowed projects to go ahead with minimal disruption to the hospital, with potential issues discussed early.

We have really enjoyed our longstanding working relationship with York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and we look forward to seeing what the future of our relationship holds.”

Brian Golding, Director of Estates and Facilities at the Trust said “We looked to appoint a contractor under the NHS Framework, P21, as we realised this would give us the quickest route to market for the Breast Unit scheme. By shortening our programme we were able to meet a national deadline without having to commission temporary facilities. Kier was that contractor, and by working closely together deliver on time. One thing has led to another as they say, and here we are 15 years later! 

"We’ve worked hard to keep the relationship from becoming stale, and Kier have won a competitive reselection process twice over that period.

"In any project, it’s the personnel that matter, and we’ve been lucky enough to have a chain of projects that has meant that Kier have been able to maintain continuity of key individuals between projects. Amazingly some of the individuals, including myself, have been involved from the start. I’m retiring next year, so will have to hand on the baton – but will look back proudly on what we’ve achieved together over this time.”


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