George Scorey is in the first cohort of digital construction apprentices at Kier. This year, the apprenticeship was awarded Digital Training and Skills Initiative of the Year at Digital Construction Week. Here, George talks about the apprenticeship, and why it’s a great starting point for his career.

I’ve always had a fond interest in aspects of new technologies and digital attitudes, however, I wasn’t sure how to turn this into a career until I found out about the brand-new digital construction apprenticeship Kier launched earlier this year. I researched and found myself getting really excited about what it entailed and the future prospects. I also had little knowledge of the construction industry and found that applying my knowledge of technology to a new industry was something that really appealed to me.

The two-year course blends BIM with construction and learning about the built environment, meaning my role is really varied and since joining Kier I have been given lots of opportunities to learn. I regularly attend technology courses to be trained to use new software that will be beneficial for the projects I am working on and through my BTEC qualification I do a lot of courses that improve my knowledge of the construction industry.

A lot of my role involves meetings regarding the design and co-ordination of the project I am involved with. This gives me an insight on the job and its progress, as well as the tools to be able to identify and eliminate issues through knowledge and gained experience. I have been given responsibilities that directly relate to and are beneficial to the project through information management and clash detection. Doing this work means I am an integral part of the team and valuable to the project as well as giving me the opportunity to showcase the benefits of the digital agenda to those that might not have worked with it before.

I have a lot of support on my apprenticeship to ensure I am getting the most out of it and leveraging opportunities from it. I have regular meetings with my line manager where we discuss my progress and I have a clear career pathway that we created together. We talk about any tasks I have for the week and run through them with questions I have; I am then able to work independently unless I require any further assistance. I know that if I need support it is there, but knowing I am trusted to work independently has been a real positive for my learning.

Working at Kier has been a great experience, as a company everyone really promotes collaborative working, celebrating and utilising every team members strengths to ensure the team is working as effectively and efficiently as possible. One of the core values of the company is forward-thinking and in everything Kier does you can see people are working hard to promote this, including ensuring its innovation team is always listening and striving to adopt innovative ideas Kier employees have. 

I feel really lucky to have been accepted as one of the first cohorts onto this apprenticeship. Kier has given me a unique avenue that positively benefits my career as it provides me with a number of potential pathways and I know this has been a really positive platform for my career to take off from. I have the opportunity to consider going into a role in BIM or even taking digital initiatives and implemented them into other roles in the industry; this would be great as it promotes a cultural shift in the sector by showcasing the benefits digital can bring to a variety of projects.