Bailey Faulkner is an apprentice planner for our Kier Regional Building North & Scotland team and he works in Manchester and Liverpool. Here, he discusses how he went from cabin crew member to apprentice planner and why he decided to join the industry.

“Originally, when I left college I wanted to travel and so, I became a cabin crew member. This gave me the opportunity to travel to places I might never travel to again and to get new experiences. I loved it at the time, but since I was younger, I’ve always wanted to work in the built environment. When my contract came up for renewal with the airline, I decided it was time to ‘hang up my wings’ and follow my childhood dreams of working in construction.

I have worked at Kier for nearly two years as an apprentice planner and it is my first job in the built environment. I am currently based at the Birley Fields site, where Kier is delivering a 491-bed student accommodation scheme. I also work for other sites around Manchester and Liverpool and I enjoy meeting different site teams and seeing different types of buildings being built with various construction methods.

At the start of each week I get the programmes for each job I am working on and I send out the progress reports that need completing. Once I have sent these out to the site teams I put on my PPE and go to the site. Throughout the day I make amendments to programmes, check and update the programmes with progress percentages and create trade programmes for the commercial teams; I also inform site teams of their upcoming works by producing them with a six weeks schedule. Another important part of my job is to look at tenders and help out with creating draft and contract programmes depending on the stage of the tender.

There are lots of jobs in the built environment and for anyone looking to join the industry I would advise that they research all the jobs available, there’s a lot of jobs that some people won’t have heard of and it might be their ideal role. I would also recommend looking at all the different routes available into the industry such as work experience, internships, apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships.

I’ve been so grateful at the level of support I have had from my colleagues since joining Kier. Everyone I have worked with is willing to help and teach new things. You can ask anybody anything and if they know the answer, they will help you, if they don’t know the answer, they will find someone who does! It’s a very welcoming environment for someone starting out. Additionally, since joining I have had a lot of training; this includes going to college once a week as part of my apprenticeship and Kier has also put me forward for numerous courses to improve my knowledge and understanding of the industry.

I really enjoy working in the built environment and have learnt so much since joining the industry. For me, my next goal is to go to university and complete the degree programme with the highest grade. I would then like to work my way up in the planning team and then further up the ladder at Kier.”

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