Edward Davis is a summer placement student at Kier. He is currently working on the P2 King’s Cross project and here he talks about doing a summer placement at Kier and why he thinks it’s beneficial for anyone considering a career in the built environment.

“When I was in sixth form I studied maths, economics and chemistry for my A Levels and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I had the choice of doing something in economics, finance, maths, science or engineering and I was quite torn. I chose to embark upon a career in engineering in the end; I feel that the industry is more varied and with more opportunities and having the chance to see my work having a direct impact on the progress of a project is something that interested me.

I’m working at Kier for my summer placement before going back to university in September. I’m currently studying for my master’s in civil engineering at Newcastle University. I’ve been working at P2 as a site engineer and after doing this placement I have decided I would like to progress my career in this field and continue to work as a site engineer for a few years after graduating. This will give me the opportunity to gain valuable experience whilst I pursue my chartership with the Institute of Civil Engineering and then work my way up to become a senior engineer.

I really enjoy my role and my daily tasks include checking the work of our sub-contractors is within tolerance of plan/design, flagging any issues up with them and ensuring they are resolved before they turn into larger problems. These checks are usually carried out using a total station to check the position line and or level of various things on site, then I will add the as-built surveys to cad for our further analysis and record. Additionally, I carry out steel reinforcement checks to ensure everything from liner walls to raft slab pours are to design before pouring can commence. Furthermore, I have duty to ensure workers on site are all working in a safe manner and are following methods and risk assessments in the RAMS for onsite activities.

Having this responsibility during my summer placement has meant that I’ve been able to learn a lot about the role, the industry and what would be expected of me. I chose to do a placement at Kier because getting experience in a well-established company with a lot of interesting projects is very important at this stage of my career. P2 is the first project I have worked on and working on a key central London project that is so big has given me a lot of great experience and opportunities.

I would recommend a summer placement to anyone considering a career in construction. It opens your eyes to the career your considering and gives you real on the job experience. It gives you the chance to decide if it’s the right career for you and allows you to grow your skills in the field if you decide it is. I’m hoping that by doing a summer placement at Kier I’ll be in a great position to launch my career when I finish my studies.”

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