“Last year, I enrolled in a T level course in construction at New College Durham. I really wanted to do a T level because of the guaranteed industry placement which is for a minimum of 45 days so you really get a chance to explore an industry, while learning about it in the classroom at the same time.

My T level course started last year and in October I started my placement with Kier., which would be one day a week over the course of a 2020/21 academic year. I knew of Kier and some of its work in the local area but I was really excited to find out more.

During my first few weeks on site, I was given the opportunity to participate in surveying a new project. Throughout the surveying process, I was able to use equipment which included a new total station to create a fully functioning 3D model of the site. Working alongside a surveyor, I learnt how to use the total station to help with the tendering process and to see the importance of digital technology in construction today.

I have been able to gain onsite experience at Kier’s project in Durham where it is building new headquarters for the council. This has been fascinating and because of the weekly placements, I have been able to see the brilliant progress that has been made; from the start of the foundations to the project nearing completion.   

My time with Kier has been very beneficial in helping me see in real-life the content I am being taught at the New College with the Kier team assisting me with any questions I have.  I have been able to work with people in a variety of roles, including planners, site managers, site engineers and design managers. Recently, I have been invited to many meetings between managers and the design team giving me the chance to see how collaboration takes place and I personally think this is priceless as it will help me in my future career path of design management.

Throughout my placement, Kier has worked closely with my college to ensure they have the resources and requirements to make sure I can achieve the best out of my time with the company.

The team at Kier has made me feel welcome from my first day, from introductions to emails making sure things are going ok for me.  Gaining experience from one of the largest construction companies in the UK has been amazing - they still succeeded in giving a personal approach to assisting me in any concerns or questions I have. 

With the information I gain on-site, my exam grades in college are much higher than they would be without this opportunity. The impact of this whole experience has been invaluable and I truly believe work experience is the best possible thing anyone could do to assist with studies, particularly in a hands on sector like construction.”

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