Enabled by the work undertaken in collaboration with our Public Sector Clients, the Scape National Minor Works Framework has just celebrated the appointment of the 500th Apprentice. This represents a significant milestone for our framework teams and clearly demonstrates the added value Kier bring to our local communities - creating new opportunities for employment and training.

Ellie Bicknell is our 500th apprentice and works as business administration. Here, she explains what its like to work within the Kier frameworks team.

“When I was at sixth form everyone was deciding what they wanted to do after A Levels. The school encouraged everyone to apply for university to keep their options open, so I applied and got an offer. I was never really aware of what other options there were for me, however, I knew that deep down I didn’t want to go to university. I’ve always enjoyed practical learning and was keen to get into the workplace.

I spoke to teachers at school and they suggested an apprenticeship, so I started looking online. The subject I enjoyed the most at school was business studies, which I took at GCSE and A- Level, therefore I wanted to look for an apprenticeship involving that subject. I looked for business-based apprenticeships and found an opportunity with Kier. I filled out the application form, went for an interview and was offered the job!

I was keen to work for Kier as I know it is a large company and believed there would be many opportunities for me to progress and I would learn a lot. I have a friend who started working at Kier before I applied for my apprenticeship, she is also doing a business administration apprenticeship and she told me that she really enjoyed it; knowing someone that does it encouraged me to apply for the role. This course appealed to me as it has high levels of on the job training, with workshops and online assessments throughout the year. It suited me to spend most of the year working and to gain experience in an office environment.

A large part of my role is managing the Oracle system for my department. This includes processing invoices, good note receipting, tracking on-hold reports and corresponding with suppliers and sub-contractors. I provide our director with support including booking travel and accommodation, organising meetings and events, correspondence and collecting and formatting board reports. My role also includes general office administration such as IT support, printing and formatting documents and acting as a point of contact for regional offices for the team.

Working in The Scape team has been great. They are very supportive and encouraging of my apprenticeship and have provided me with numerous opportunities for me to progress and learn about the Framework and the projects we deliver under it. Recently, the Scape team organised for me to go on my first site visit – it was a really good experience and I was able to gain more knowledge of the schemes Scape constructs and the work involved in these.

I am still quite early into my apprenticeship so am currently just trying to focus on completing that. However, I’ve learnt that there are many avenues I could go down within Kier, so I would like to spend the next few months exploring theses and the opportunities that could arise from them.”

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