Kier Eastern is opening the doors to FitzWimarc School in Rayleigh, Essex for Open Doors Week 2019. It is a Level 2 BIM project and here, project manager Darren Swainston, gives an overview of the works, as well as BIM and its continued importance in construction.

“We were appointed to deliver an extension to FitzWimarc School in Rayleigh Essex by the Department for Education (DfE). The school is increasing pupil numbers by 150 and the new three-storey block will replace old buildings, which have fallen into disrepair, to give the students a modern learning experience.

The 2,500m² project will consist of new science and food technology rooms, as well as the construction of a new entrance complete with a canopy, reception area and administration space. Works are due to complete is September 2020 and once complete, the new block will provide teaching facilities for 330 students and a brand-new canteen for the whole school.

The project requirements include digital deliverables, including Level 2 Building Information Modelling (BIM) digital construction workflows. BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based process which gives built environment professionals the insight and tools to efficiently plan, design, construct and manage projects.

It is the digital aspect of the built asset and can be updated at key stages of the project, enabling those that interact with the building to optimise their actions, resulting in a greater whole life value for the asset.

Level 2 BIM was introduced by the UK government in 2016 and is the UK mandate for using BIM on centrally procured projects. It is a series of domain and collaborative federated models which consist of 3D geometrical and non-graphical data and are created by various parties during a project.

The benefits of BIM are never-ending. It encourages collaborative working amongst stakeholders and provides us with current information throughout a build, allowing everyone to gain efficiencies throughout the project. It also provides support to the supply chain and internal staff, ensuring everyone can contribute to the level required and gain the knowledge of the project they need.

Using BIM also has huge benefits for the client. It is often more cost-effective and efficient; using cloud based digital models allows real-time annotation and feedback from each stakeholder. The BIM drawing tools have proved to be quicker than 2D tools, saving both time and money.  

It also allows us to showcase the project in as much detail as possible, allowing the client to see what the end product will look like before we have even started on site. This also gives the team working on the project a clearer end goal to work towards.

Since being introduced we have seen the built environment welcome and embrace this way of working however, unless you work in the built environment, BIM and job roles in BIM isn’t necessarily something you’d be aware of.

Showcasing new digital techniques and the job roles that come with them is increasingly important for the built environment and to encourage young people to consider it as a career path. Due to the digitisation transition we are currently facing in the construction industry we will see additional skills, such as gaming techniques, become valuable in the built environment.

This year, for Open Doors Week, Kier Eastern is opening the doors to FitzWimarc School and not only showing people behind the hoardings, but also showcasing the technologies, including BIM, that are being used to build this scheme.”

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