Earlier this year, Kier completed the new Wexham Park Hospital Emergency Assessment Centre, which was procured through the P21+ framework. The centre is one of the most innovative care units in the NHS and its design is based on a new model of care bringing emergency & ambulatory care and assessment units together under one roof, essentially creating a ‘one-stop’ emergency and assessment facility. Here, Nadeem Chaudhry, Project Manager at Kier, discusses the project and how the collaborative approach to working meant the team was able to save time and money whilst maintaining an impeccable safety record throughout.

“For the Wexham Park Hospital EAC project, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust tasked us to design and construct a new emergency department that improved patient flow. The new four-storey centre has the main emergency department on the ground floor with assessment and treatment rooms in the floors above. The new layout means patients are surrounded by services, with surgeons and physicians located in the same building.

Throughout the project, the team worked collaboratively with the client, supply chain partners and design team to achieve affordability. Additionally, as the site was located next to a live hospital environment, our team needed to minimise disruption. As a solution, our team worked closely with off-site manufacturers Integral, to create 164 modular mechanical, engineering and plumbing (MEP) service modules. The team installed four modules daily, doing this meant there were less workers on site, reducing labour levels by 50%.

End users were invited to be involved throughout the process with weekly site visits for all grades of hospital staff introduced, which meant they were able to input on site progress and query any potential issues. The project was modelled on 3D BIM which enabled the end users to use Virtual Reality headsets to ‘explore’ the building before completion which deemed very useful during the testing and feedback process.

Often during construction, parties work together to reach a solution on any alterations to the design. We worked with Frimley Health to revamp one of the surplus bays into a new state of the art decontamination suite. This major design alteration whilst project construction was already under way meant a lot of change had to be incorporated in very short space of time, this was done seamlessly with no time lost on the final programme.

We were able to deliver this scheme four weeks early, under budget, with client satisfaction of 9/10 and end-users 100% satisfied. Health and Safety was exceptional with Zero RIDDOR incidents and 112K Accident Free Man Hours. The project scored 45/50 for the Considerate Constructors Scheme, with outstanding marks in all five CCS categories and it achieve the design stage BREEAM Rating of ‘Excellent’. It is currently entered for various industry awards including the recent Construction Excellence awards where it was a finalist in the ‘Project of the Year’ category.

I’m so proud of the team that worked on this project and truly praise the collaborative nature of all involved for its successes. The excellent performance on this specific project led to Frimley Health awarding another contract to Kier the new £98m Heatherwood Hospital in Ascot where the Trust insisted on having the same Kier team.”

Interesting facts

• Departmental proximities were designed to reduce the staff and patient travel distances to increase efficiencies

• Recycled 50 tonnes of timber by partnering with the National wood recycling scheme

• Targets were set to monitor the water usage and carbon dioxide emissions during construction

• Local labour and staff were used where possible to enhance local economy

• Some of the rooms have lead lined walls in the cubicles, which means that a portable X-ray machine can be brought to a patient’s bedside so that they don’t have to leave the room

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