Lindsay Congreve, Head of Shared Operation Services, Anglian Water, talks about her career path.

“I started in the industry as a graduate, where I rotated between different departments every six months.

I initially started in the Highways bidding team, which taught me a lot about understanding client needs. I then moved to Corporate Responsibility, where I was part of the team working on understanding our company carbon footprint.

After my stint there, I moved over to Utilities as part of the bidding team. Since then, I’ve worked in a range of teams in the Utilities business. I’m currently Head of Shared Operation Services for Anglian Water and will be starting my new role as Head of Metering Operations for Anglian Water in the next few weeks.

In my role, I manage over 300 employees on one of the three Kier contracts with Anglian Water. This includes managing a very successful integrated alliance between Anglian Water, Kier and Clancy Docwra that delivers new meters, housing connections and water efficiency products to customers and developments.

With so many employees and stakeholders to manage, I’m constantly evaluating and fine-tuning my leadership style. The part of my role I enjoy most is developing high-performing teams and encouraging our employees to develop and innovate in their roles. One of my proudest achievements is creating a successful trainee scheme that has recruited more than 30 trainee operatives in two years. It has enabled us to grow our own talent and help tackle the industry skills gap.

The industry has changed a lot in 10 years, and there’s plenty more change to come. Recently, I’ve been exploring what the future of our industry might look like, including how we can harness the technology – such as artificial intelligence – that could really change how we do things.

I love the industry. I am constantly learning, and love working somewhere that has a positive impact on the communities that we live in. I thrive on a challenge and often find myself volunteering to lead projects that others might find daunting, and there are plenty of opportunities to do that!

In order for us to continue evolving, we need to bring in a diverse workforce with the drive to find new ways of working. I fully believe that if someone works hard, has the right attitude and takes the opportunities put in front of them, they will succeed in our industry.

Ultimately, don’t be afraid to ask questions and challenge the way things have always been done.”

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