Kier has been appointed to 18 sub-Lots on the £30bn Crown Commercial Services (CCS) framework. The seven-year, brand-new framework is a major new procurement agreement which will help shape public sector construction.

It will complement existing CCS frameworks and is the first ever government-led construction arrangement for the whole public sector to use to find companies to help build new schools, hospitals, office buildings, universities, prisons, and houses, rather than having to run their own costly and time-consuming procurement exercises.

The framework will provide customers with access to a full provision of goods, works and service arrangements which enable effective management of built asset and property/estate requirements.

Commenting on the award, Andrew Davies, Chief Executive said: “This award demonstrates the strength of our relationships with Government and public sector clients, while also supporting our strategic focus around long-term frameworks for Government, regulated entities and blue-chip customers.”

This year, Kier has been appointed to a number of frameworks including Procure Partnerships Framework, the Southern Construction Framework, SEWSCAP3, Hampshire Intermediate Construction Framework, North West Construction Hub Medium and High Value Frameworks and the North Wales Construction Framework.

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