Kier Highways was awarded the Safety Innovation Award at this year’s Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) conference for the development and introduction of conveyor floor lorries for surface dressing.

The innovation is a first for the UK surface dressing industry. It negates the need for the use of tipper trucks by using a conveyor system to dispense aggregate into the Phoenix Chipping machine; meaning that stopping to reload the chipping machine from a tipping truck is no longer needed.

The vehicles were developed in collaboration with Kier, RJ Holbrook and Fruehauf. Following a successful trial at the end of last season Kier has agreed with the supplier and manufacturer to provide a full fleet of these vehicles, phased in over the next two years.

Traditionally, tipper trucks have posed a number of issues for highways teams. These risks include overhead cable strikes and work being slowed down due to trucks needing to leave the area to refill the spreading machine. The new technology means the operation will be 25% more efficient in areas with high density of overhead obstructions, resulting in road repairs taking less time. 

Andy Mayos general manager for Kier Surface Treatments Business said: “It was a great achievement for the team and an excellent example of collaboration between Kier and its supply chain to overcome a significant risk in our industry.”

Paddy Kirwan, service director for Kier Surface Treatments Business added: “This RSTA award is excellent recognition for the STB team, who are constantly exploring new ideas to eliminate safety hazards whilst improving the customer experience and increasing productivity.” 

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