Kier’s Group HR director, Helen Redfern, has been announced as one of 100 senior leaders in INvolve’s global HERoes 2021 Executive Role Model Lists, the only person from the construction industry to be featured in any of the Women Role Model lists released by INvolve this week.

The lists are a global celebration of women in business who are playing a central role in breaking down gender diversity barriers at work, using their positions to keep diversity and inclusion at the top of the business agenda.    

Speaking about her achievement, Redfern said: “I’m incredibly proud to be included in this year’s HERoes list, in recognition of the work we’re doing at Kier to improve diversity and inclusion. This is something I’m hugely passionate about, and building an inclusive workplace is absolutely the right thing to do. As a woman in a senior leadership role in a male-dominated industry, I’ve got first-hand experience of how much better work is when you feel included and that your ideas are valued. I also have two young children – a son and a daughter – and I want them to have the same opportunities to achieve whatever they want in life.

“As part of Kier’s commitment to D&I, we have set clear targets and milestones we want to achieve by 2026, including reducing our gender pay gap by 25%. Change won’t happen overnight, but across the industry it feels like there’s a drive and energy to make real, sustainable change when it comes to D&I, and everyone, no matter where they work in the business, has a part to play in creating a workplace where everyone feels empowered to achieve their career ambitions.”

Suki Sandhu OBE, INvolve’s founder, commented: “While it’s fantastic to see Ms. Redfern’s inclusion in our Lists, this accomplishment must be viewed as a springboard for driving further change and not a reason to take our foot off the pedal. We must continue to drive gender diversity in business as a priority.”