Kier, a leading provider of construction and infrastructure services, has completed works at NHS Louisa Jordan and handed it over to NHS National Services Scotland. Over the last 20 days, Kier has supported the Scottish Government’s efforts in response to COVID-19 by converting the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow in to temporary hospital, NHS Louisa Jordan.

Since 31 March, Kier has worked collaboratively with three other contractors as well as its local supply chain and collectively they have worked 120,000 hours to deliver this new hospital setting.

Over 550 contractors were on site at the peak of construction, and safely carried out the transformation, including laying 23,000 square metres of flooring and 135,000 metres of cabling for lighting and power sockets.

The construction of NHS Louisa Jordan is now complete and will provide an initial 300 beds, which can increase to hold 1,000 patients, if needed.

Gary Wintersgill, managing director for Kier Regional Building in Scotland, states: “Delivering NHS Louisa Jordan has been a truly collaborative effort, with the construction industry uniting to work safely and swiftly to help support the Scottish Government’s response to COVID-19. 

“I could not be prouder of our teams, who have worked tirelessly and with such skill and dedication during these unprecedented times.”

Chief Executive of NHS Louisa Jordan, Jill Young, said: “It has taken just over two weeks to design, construct and mobilise NHS Louisa Jordan. This has only been possible thanks to all of our contractors working around the clock to make sure we are ready to support the NHS in Scotland.

“Because of your efforts, we now have a safe, effective and high quality environment which stands ready for patients if required. On behalf of the entire NHS team, I would like to say a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Kier for their involvement and remarkable contribution to the delivery of our hospital.”

Last week, the First Minister gave thanks to all involved with the construction of NHS Louisa Jordan.

NHS Louisa Jordan outside
NHS Louisa Jordan crane
NHS Louisa Jordan walls
NHS Louisa Jordan 4
NHS Louisa Jordan 5
NHS Louisa Jordan 6