Kier has been appointed by Leeds City Council to deliver its new £7m Newmarket Approach depot in Leeds.

The project includes three storey-office accommodation, fuel filling, vehicle wash facilities and extensive electric vehicle charging and parking for Leeds City Council’s fleet of operational vehicles.

The scheme includes the relocation and merger of the current facilities, to take them from three sites onto one. This will lead to maximised efficiency of the services bringing the teams together onto one site adjacent to the new Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility.

The project is being delivered with sustainability in mind, and as well as the electric charging points it will have a positive impact on sustainability for the local area. Kier is installing an attenuation tank to collect and store rainwater, which will then be used within the vehicle wash facilities, reducing the amount of freshwater used.

Areas at the front of the building will incorporate significant soft landscaping which greatly enhances the biodiversity of the existing area which is predominantly an industrial area.

The project is due for completion in the spring of 2022.

Dan Doherty, regional director at Kier Regional Building North & Scotland, said: “We’re delighted to be working alongside Leeds City Council at Newmarket Approach to further rationalise its existing estate. Our regional business is underpinned by public sector clients such as LCC and key frameworks such as YORbuild2. We look forward to a successful completion in due course.”

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