The Challenge:

Due to poor ventilation within the sludge treatment building at Ingoldmells Water Recycling Centre, hydrogen sulphide gas produced by the processes within the building were able to condense. This was produced in a significant enough quantity to cause damage through corrosion of certain structure and roof components.

Because of this, the original purlins corroded along with the fixings attaching the roof sheets, which locally corroded around the fixings. Parts of the guttering fell from the building due to loss of fixing integrity. The requirement was to make the building safe to operate in and around. 

Works access within the building was restricted due to the quantity of machinery within it. Treatment processes within the building had to be stopped, due to the potential for hazardous gases created, allowing any significant work to the structure to be undertaken. 

The Solution:

Traditionally, in these circumstances, external and internal scaffold would be erected from which to work, acting as protection to people and plant/equipment below. However, an alternative solution was found in the form of safety netting (comprising of both containment and man-safe) which was attached to the frame.

Operatives could safely work from the netting with edge protection around the perimeter of the building. This negated the need for full internal and external scaffold and the additional costs associated with it.

The Impact:

Because of the relationships built onsite during the early stages of the work and the relatively minimal encroachment caused by the chosen method of working, site operatives were able to complete repairs to the plant and machinery within the building concurrently to the IOS led roof refurbishment.

By successfully working together the processes were able to be switched back online much earlier than anticipated. This helped decrease the amount of tankering that was required while the building was out of operation, thus avoiding additional costs to the business. 

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