The Challenge:

Working in live lanes poses a real and significant risk to our workforce. Whilst Lorry mounted crash cushions provide rear shunt protection there is currently no protection for sideswipes.

For many works, full carriageway closures are required, causing unnecessary inconvenience to road users. Increased traffic volumes are also putting more pressure on the network, reducing working windows.

The Solution:

The Mobile Barrier Trailer acts as a physical protection vehicle, absorbing impacts from moving vehicles if struck from the side. A lorry mounted crash cushion behind gives further protection from the rear whilst compliant lighting and signage provides ample visibility for all.

MBT possibilities are being developed to further reduce road worker exposure. The barrier originated in the United States where works zones incursions have led to several fatalities.

The Impact:

The MBT offers a series of benefits to road workers, including:

•   Provides rear impact and side-impact offering all-round protection.

•   Can be used to mirror off-side lane closures, reducing resource levels, exposure time and costs.

•   With correct maintenance, this can be used 24/7.

•   Versatile and adaptable to near- end far side works.

•   Can reduce overall night shifts required on schemes.

" The mobile barriers, which are being used for the first time in Europe, are an innovative way of looking at how we can increase protection for road workers. And they’re helping customers too, because the faster we can get the work safely done the better people’s journeys will be.” "
Martin Bolt Corporate Group Leader Highways England

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