The Challenge:

Silt water runoff is a common, preventable pollution occurrence which is seen across the utilities industry. This is highlighted when leaks are repaired as water mixes with the surrounding excavation material to form a silt liquid. Careful management of this mix is required to prevent accidental discharge, all while the work on the water network is carried out to minimise the impact on our customers and water loss.

Current best practice is to filter the water and discharge on site or to take the slurry waste away from site to a location where it can be safely treated. Both of these methods add time to repairs, increase costs and multiply our carbon outputs.

The Solution:

MuDD-Dry is a non-hazardous, environmentally safe, chemical reagent that when added to water solidifies the liquid waste without significantly increasing the volume. This enables teams to dry wet material for reuse at the point of origin or transport directly to landfill.

Working with Greenglove, Kier and the IMR Co-creation team has successfully completed a trial of MuDD-Dry in a safe environment. Kier then worked with the Environment Agency to gain approval for its use on sites when working on the water network.

The Impact:

The successful use of MuDD-Dry on a single site resulted in a saving of circa £40,000 for that scheme on equivalent waste tankering costs. In addition to the costs of the tanker, carbon savings were made in eliminating the journeys which would have been made by the tanker from the site to the discharge centre and less disruption to customers due to the team being able to complete work on the water network quicker.

This method will now be used across a wider area, and Kier are scoping the use of MuDD-Dry to support a number of the other innovative working methods being used including the use of suction excavators and coring rigs.

Further benefits are also being explored as to whether the material can be reused directly on site in backfill and reinstatement. The Kier Environmental team are continuing their work with the EA to look for additional benefits, while the Co-Creation Team will work with the site teams to ensure the applications of MuDD-Dry is controlled and the correct amount is used to drive peak efficiency.

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