The Challenge:

Developing a scheme to integrate and coordinate pedestrian, cycling and traffic movements in a key tourist destination that has high traffic and pedestrian flows, along with intense political, public and media interest and a huge range of high profile stakeholders. These constraints paled into insignificance when, ten days before the work was to begin, Westminster Bridge underwent a devastating terrorist attack.

The Westminster Bridge terrorist attack put a different perspective on the project and the team quickly came together with Transport for London(TfL) to add hostile vehicle mitigation barriers and enhanced site security to the requirements.

The Solution:

Collaboration was essential and teams worked together to ensure everything progressed with the minimum disruption to users of the bridge. Detailed planning techniques and innovative use of materials were used to minimise closure locations and durations. and a flexibility of approach also allowed a Public Liaison Officer and Traffic Safety Control Officer helped the smooth running of the project, setting up a temporary taxi rank, site marshals, way finding signage and surveys to improve customer satisfaction. Local businesses were also consulted to ensure construction was adjusted to meet their needs.

Security issues were obviously paramount and the team responded quickly to changing security considerations and requirements, including security sweeps. Safety was ensured via plastic demarcations, hazard display and feedback boards . and onsite permits identifying qualified plant operators.

The Impact:

Despite the disruptions the project was completed on 18th December 2017, three and a half months ahead of schedule and under budget.

It has also been a great success in integrating and coordinating pedestrian, cycling and traffic movements on the bridge with five per cent more people per hour having access to the bridge, transport 46% of travellers in 30% of the road space and overall improving 83% pedestrian journeys.

The outcome also fulfilled the Mayor of London’s Streets Vision as the scheme has reasserted the primacy of public health and wellbeing, provided safety and gave accessibly to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

" Kier was always attentive and provided open communication, taking our business levels and preferences into account during operations. If there were challenges, Kier’s Public Liaison Officer and Traffic Safety Control Officer were always helpful, reacting promptly and positively. "
Suat Binkaya Hotel Manager Park Plaza

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