Kier enjoys working with a diverse range of subcontractors of varying sizes. We have built up a comprehensive list of high performing supply chain partners which we value and continue to work with.

For companies wanting to work with us, we instil the same high standards which we have developed with our established supply chain.

We have collaborated with the three largest accreditation companies in the UK so if you hold one of the following accreditations, you will be eligible to tender with us. This is an industry leading approach reducing the bureaucracy for all and providing flexibility to our subcontractors. Kier will also undertake the expected checks, audits and risk profiles prior to any works being considered.

(If you are a small company employing less than 5 people, turning over less than £250,000, that does not subcontract work and are undertaking low risk operations, please contact your local project for opportunities to work with us. We will be happy to assist and holding an approved accreditation scheme may not be required in this instance).

Kier approved Accreditation Standards.

All 3 schemes recognise the Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) common assessment.

Material Suppliers, Labour Agencies and Plant Companies

Please follow the link below to register your interest in working with Kier.

Once registered no further action is required as one of our team will contact you should your details match any future requirements.

If you are identified as a potential supplier, you will be required to complete a PAS 91 aligned questionnaire, such as that in Construction line, and demonstrate Health & Safety competencies appropriate to the services being provided before you can work with us.

Best practice & collaboration

Successful collaboration is at the very heart of our business.

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