Kier pledges to break the chain on modern slavery

At Kier, we don’t just get things done – we pride ourselves on doing them the right way. Therefore we have signed up to the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) Construction Protocol, an agreement between construction companies and the UK Government that has a goal to end labour abuse across the UK.

Mark Heath, Deputy Director of Business Change at the GLAA, said:

“We are delighted that Kier has signed up to our Construction Protocol and pledged to fight modern slavery and labour abuse. When organisations agree to the protocol, they commit to work in partnership with us to protect vulnerable and exploited workers. They also agree to share information to stop exploitation and pledge to raise awareness of slavery through supply chains. Together, we can put an end to modern slavery and labour exploitation for good.”

Why have we signed up to this?

“We pride ourselves on being an ethically-run business, and seeking to ensure that none of our people, or those within our supply chain, are at risk of labour abuse. As an industry leader, we have a responsibility to help drive positive change in the industry – not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s good business practice too. Both our clients and stakeholders increasingly consider this issue when deciding whether to work with us or invest in our business”.

- Mark Ramessa, Commercial Director – Trades / Subcontracts

We’re already doing a number of things to protect our supply chain against modern slavery, including site and supply chain audits, an e-learning module to raise awareness among colleagues, training for category managers and processes, protocols and standards put in place for our preferred supplier list.

Kier have collaborated with other leading construction firms via the GLAA produced tools to help prevent modern slavery and exploitation on sites. These tools include a presentation for new starters, posters, and a toolbox talk to help raise awareness of workers' rights

The package includes site induction slides, posters you can put up around sites on spotting the signs of exploitation, and a toolbox talk aimed at raising awareness of workers' rights on site. The tools available are:

Unbranded versions of these tools are also available here and we welcome our supply chain and other in the industry to adapt and personalise for internal use as required.

Kier operates in some sectors that are vulnerable to modern slavery; one of them is the construction sector. Please watch the video below for a reconstruction of a true story unconnected with Kier.