The Challenge:

The St Albans Place project was in a constrained location between the A64 and nearby businesses. This required close work with local businesses and residences to ensure that disruption was minimal. The site and the building’s height also affected how the site operates, with cranes careful positioned to accommodate the programme and save space.

The speed of the programme also influenced the internal sequence for forming the studios, with deliveries made before internal walls were constructed and external SFS walls were built. External landscaping and paving enhancement began in the second half of the programme, requiring careful phasing and planning to prevent disruption.

The Solution:

The building’s concrete core was slipformed with the saddleback crane carefully positioned on top of the core. This reduced the cost and removed the need for the installation and then removal of a crane base. It also saved space on the outside of the building where hoists were positioned.

Bathroom pods were delivered early, before the installation of windows and the construction of the studio walls and external SFS walls to ensure that the pods could fit into the building. Once the studio walls were constructed, the bathroom pods were installed.

The Impact:

Collaborative planning between all parties has been key to the project’s success.

Landscaping works on site provided an improved outdoor area for new students and the wider local area. The team minimised disruptions to roads through an extensive traffic management plan. Most of the bulk materials are held in offsite storage and called in when necessary.

" Some good innovations were brought to the table, including the slip-form core and saddleback crane to address site constraints, with the potential to add further technical innovations once familiar with the client brand and requirements "
Daniel Roberts Senior Development Manager Select Property Group

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