Our focus

We invest, build and maintain across a range of different sectors from education, health, heritage, defence and custodial to highways, rail, aviation, industrial, power and utilities.

Our driving passion

It's our driving passion to create spaces and places that generate opportunity and prosperity.

We have a talented team of 21,000 Kier colleagues who work in a wide range of roles across the UK and from our international offices in the Middle East.

We take pride in bringing specialist knowledge, sector-leading experience and fresh thinking to create workable solutions for our clients on a huge range of projects. No challenge is too great or too small, and at any one time we have around 400 projects on site across the country.

Together we have the scale and breadth of skills of a major company, while retaining that local focus and local pride that comes from never being far from our clients, through a network of over 60 offices spanning across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We aren’t new to any of this though. Kier is over 90 years old as an organisation. And over the decades we have gone from strength to strength (click here to read our full story and history).

Our values

We have three core values that are reflected in our culture and our behaviours, and they underpin the way we work at Kier.

Collaborative - We collaborate together as colleagues, with our clients, with our supply chain and our peers because we make the best steps forward in everything from safety to innovation when we work together.

Forward Thinking – Being forward thinking can be as advanced as driving through a major leap in practice with a new innovation through to day to day advances with creative problem solving.

Enthusiastic – And whatever we do, its done with pride, passion and drive to work towards a really successful outcome together.

Our strategy

To underpin this growth we have a clear focus, informed by our Vision 2020 strategy:

  • Operate a safe sustainable business
  • Accelerate growth to be a top three provider in our chosen markets
  • Achieve top quartile performance and efficiency
  • Provide sector-leading customer experience
  • Attract and retain highly motivated, high performing people and teams
  • Embrace innovation and technology across the business