BIM encourages collaborative working amongst stakeholders and enables us to produce and use good quality information through all phases of delivery and into operation. Providing accurate and current information, in a structured way unlocks opportunities for everyone to gain efficiencies. We provide support for our supply chain and for internal staff to ensure that everyone can contribute to the level required and gain the knowledge they need.

To complement the BIM process, we encourage the use of technology to assist us with delivery. This ensures data is securely hosted, accessible, traceable, not just for use today but for the lifetime that it may be required. As a by-product of moving away from paper based methods of capturing and reviewing information we are automatically improving our sustainability.

Our BIM excellence is driven by some outstanding subject matter experts who advise and assist with the application of BIM and new technologies. With extensive and varied knowledge across the group we can meet the challenges that are presented when undergoing this digital transformation.

Members of the team contribute to and support the work that is being undertaken by the UK BIM Alliance and within BIM Regions to drive industry collaboration. Kier have partnered with The B1M to produce The Future Construction Video Channel to share case studies and visions.

We have been awarded the  BIM Kitemark for design, construction and commissioning complying with the UK BIM Framework  – The Kitemark is a nationally-renowned quality mark that proves our capability for applying information management using BIM in project delivery.

Kier are committed to offering apprenticeships and we have developed a Digital Construction Apprenticeship with external providers that enables us to embed the foundations of BIM into employees. Armed with this knowledge we anticipate that this will assist us to build a workforce that is ready and able to respond to the digital demands of projects in the future.


Projects that used BIM

These projects utilised BIM to allow us to work more collaboratively with stakeholders and efficiently manage design and construction.