At Kier our purpose is to sustainably deliver infrastructure which is vital to the UK. For over 90 years we have been delivering for communities across the UK, and now, more than ever, it’s important that we do this sustainably.

Our sustainability framework, ‘Building for a Sustainable World’, looks beyond the ‘green’ trend and instead focuses on building on the good work that Kier has previously undertaken in environmental protection and the creation of social value in the communities we work in.

For Kier, Sustainability is a mindset that seeks to create a resilient, purpose driven business by safeguarding three vital features no business can operate successfully without:

 A resilient environment

 A resilient community (workforce, supplier & customer base)

 Resilient profits

To embed this mindset across our business, our sustainability framework focusses on two key components; environmental sustainability and social sustainability.

An overview of our Sustainability framework

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" Being sustainable is more important than it's ever been, and to have a sustainable business is to have a resilient business. Kier is committed to preventing environmental and social harm, as well as replenishing our natural systems & renewable resources and having a positive impact on the communities and environments in which we operate. "
Andrew Davies Chief Executive Kier Group

Environmental sustainability

Our environmental sustainability activities focuses on the pressing environmental requirements that we are facing and reducing the impact Kier has on the environment. Our critical ambitions are:

Preventing pollution from all operations within our control

Taking a life cycle approach to the sourcing of materials, products & services

Achieving net zero carbon across our own operations and supply chain by 2045

Social sustainability

Social sustainability ensures that we have a healthy and productive workforce, a robust supplier base and strong customer portfolio. Our Social sustainability critical ambitions are:

Working with the best qualified supply network partners, setting standards for ethical business and responsible sourcing

Making Kier a great place to work, where all our employees feel included, supported to perform and can develop professionally

Supporting communities by providing jobs, interacting with schools, supporting wellbeing, giving to charities and volunteering

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