Working together

At Kier, we have built a reputation for successfully delivering some of the largest, most complex and celebrated projects across the UK, as well as hundreds of smaller but equally important local projects.

This success is built on the collective strength of great supply chain partnerships and collaborative working. Together we operate at scale and with agility as high-performing teams.

We know that our supply chain partners are an extension of Kier and as such they are key to the successful delivery of every project that we undertake. We want to build teams of like-minded people who share our values, as well as our rigour for safety, our approach to quality and our drive for innovation and best practice.

We are proud to feature in the Business Services Association's Best Practice Statement on partnerships between large firms and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and we are proud that we are a founding member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School. We believe partnerships with local businesses are vital for our projects as well as delivering tangible social value.


Finding the right fit

As a business, we will look to engage with the very best. That doesn't mean that we will always opt for the biggest or most-established companies. Over 80% of our supply chain are regional SMEs.

The majority of our longest and most fruitful relationships are with SMEs who combine excellent knowledge of a locality, with specialist skills and a willingness to go that extra mile for our clients.

How to work with us


Kier enjoys working with a diverse range of subcontractors of varying sizes. We have built up a comprehensive list of high-performing supply chain partners which we value and continue to work with.

For companies wanting to work with us, we instil the same high standards which we have developed with our established supply chain.

We have collaborated with the three largest accreditation companies in the UK so if you hold one of the following accreditations, you will be eligible to tender with us. From July 2019, Kier also recognise the Common Assessment Standard, an industry-leading approach reducing the bureaucracy for all and providing flexibility to our subcontractors. Kier will also undertake the expected checks, audits and risk profiles prior to any works being considered.

(If you are a small company employing fewer than five people, turning over less than £250,000, that does not subcontract work and are undertaking low-risk operations, please contact your local project for opportunities to work with us. We will be happy to assist and holding an approved accreditation scheme may not be required in this instance).

Kier approved sub-contractor Accreditation Standards

All three schemes recognise the Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) common assessment.

Matrix of the approved Accreditation Standards

Current (Kier Accepted) Common Assessment Standard (Desktop) Common Assessment Standard (Site Based)
CHAS Premium Plus CHAS Premier (CAS) CHAS Premier (CAS) Assured
ConstructionLine Gold ConstructionLine Gold (CAS) ConstructionLine Platinum (CAS)
Achilles Building Confidence Advanced + Desktop Audit Achilles Member - Building Confidence (CAS) Achilles Gold B1 (CAS)
UVDB applicable to Utilities Industry where specified. No replacement No replacement
RISQS applicable to Network Rail Infrastructure No replacement No replacement


More detailed information of these is below.

Kier now also recognise the Common Assessment Standard

If a subcontractor holds a Common Assessment Standard, our requirement is the Common Assessment Standard (Desktop). However, if a subcontractor holds the higher-level Common Assessment Standard (Site based), this will also be deemed to meet Kier standard.



CHAS sets industry benchmarks, provides assurance and reassurance and offers best-in-class services.

Current Kier accepted – CHAS Premium Plus

Common Assessment Standard (Desktop) – CHAS Premier (CAS)

Common Assessment Standard (Site based) – CHAS Premier Assured (CAS)


Tel: 020 8545 3838

On registration please enter Kier code: Kier01



Constructionline is the UK’s largest register of contractors, consultants and material suppliers for the construction industry.

Current Kier accepted – Constructionline Gold

Common Assessment Standard (Desktop) – Constructionline Gold (CAS) 

Common Assessment Standard (Site based) – Constructionline Platinum (CAS)


Tel: 0844 892 0312

On registration please enter Kier code: 1UEZFW



Through Building Confidence, suppliers can showcase their abilities and demonstrate improved compliance and credibility to a huge buying market – saving time and money in the process. 

Current Kier accepted – Achilles Building Confidence Advanced + Desktop Audit

Common Assessment Standard (Desktop) – Achilles Member - Building Confidence

Common Assessment Standard (Site based) – Achilles Gold B

Building Confidence (Achilles)

Tel: 01235 820813

Material suppliers, labour agencies, plant companies and service providers

Please follow the link below to register your interest in working with Kier.

Once registered, no further action is required as one of our team will contact you should your details match any future requirements.

If you are identified as a potential supplier, you will be required to complete a PAS 91-aligned questionnaire, such as that in Construction line, and demonstrate health and safety competencies appropriate to the services being provided before you can work with us.


Supply chain form

Payment reporting

Our supply chain partners are vital in helping us to meet our purpose of sustainably delivering vital infrastructures across the UK, by helping us to deliver on projects and services day-in, day-out, which is why we are committed to being open and transparent on our payment practices.

Publishing our payment practices

We are signatories of the Government’s Prompt Payment Code and every six months we publish data on the Government’s website as part of its Duty to Report on Payment Practices and Reporting (PPR).



As a Group, we continue to take decisive steps to improve our systems, provide training and guidance to colleagues and regularly engaged with our supply chain partners. 

Our published data

The table below showcases the last five payment data submissions on the Government’s PPR portal and the sustained improvements we have made.


Want to know more? 

We are committed to making further improvements on our payment practices with a strategy in place to simplify our systems and processes. This is an ongoing process which will continue to deliver sustainable improvements for Kier and it’s supply chain.

For any questions relating to our payment practices, you can email our Finance Shared Service Centre (‘FSSC’);



If you are a journalist, please contact our media team.

Register your interest in becoming a supplier of Kier.

Kier Construction Prompt Payment Code action plans 

Kier Construction is a signatory to the Prompt Payment Code (PPC) and is a strong advocate of fair treatment for all supply chain partners.

We are working hard to simplify internal processes and approvals, to minimise time to pay our supply chain partners.

We are also working with our supply chain partners to inform and upskill them, where required, and supporting them to submit right first-time invoicing to avoid payment delays.

As part of its commitment to further improve payment practices, Kier Construction is delivering action plans, with particular focus on:

  1. Hiring of plant and machinery – through the simplification of the order and invoicing processes.
  2. Subcontractors’ applications and payment certification – by establishing best practice and focussing on the time taken to process applications.
  3. Contract payment terms – to be reviewed and updated on new contracts in accordance with our commitment to the PPC.