The Challenge:

Globally, we are producing 320 million tonnes of plastic every year, with 40% designed for single-use, and more than 8 million tonnes of plastic leaks into the ocean each year. As the world recognises the damage one-use plastics are having on marine pollution, businesses are looking at ways to phase out single-use plastics and introduce more effective recycling.

Kier Living introduced an initiative that would raise awareness among employees and across its many housing developments. The scheme contributes towards the Group’s wider pledge of reducing its carbon footprint by 30% by 2030.

The Solution:

Kier has been working to devise a response that will eliminate all unnecessary single-use plastics at its offices and developments by engaging with relevant stakeholders and increasing awareness.

By working with the supply chain, Kier Group is encouraging the reduction of plastic packaging on our building materials and ensuring that remaining packaging is suitable for recycling. Teaming up with charities and organisations has given Kier a mechanism to champion innovation and share best practice and ideas on reducing plastic waste. 

Kier Living are also now utilising a plastic packaging take back scheme with the company Protec, to drive the circular economy approach with common materials used on sites.

The Impact:

The scheme has been extremely well received and employees in office and site-based roles are adopting the new principles. The pledge follows Kier Living’s partnership with Forest Carbon, which saw the business plant 45,000 across its housing developments.

Kier is committed implementing greener working practices across all its development sites. This includes changes in the way it uses energy, disposes of waste and how it uses equipment. It is also helping new home buyers at all Kier developments to become more energy efficient in everyday life, providing guidance on using household appliances, transport and energy resources.

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