Green Bridges

Kier Highways has successfully designed and carried out innovative research into creating green bridges within the UK. Green bridges are structures designed to provide wildlife and non-motorised users with safe crossings of main roads and railways. They have a layer of soil to enable soft landscaping measures and vegetation planting. Building a green bridge has many benefits: including better health and well-being as a result of increased walker and cyclist numbers; Increased safety of drivers and wildlife; Increased tourism which has a knock on effect generating employment and supporting the local economy. The initiative designed by Kier is based at an A38 Highways England site, the research was driven by the area experiencing high deer-vehicle collision issues - between 13 and 27 each year - and an increasing volume of cyclists demanding safe and effective cycle routes around the country.

Kier Housing Maintenance trials electric van

Kier is committed to energy efficiency, cutting carbon emissions and pollution reduction. Our recent success in meeting our 2020 carbon target has in turn led to our new energy efficiency strategy - '30 by 30'. In order to meet this target and drive our carbon reductions further we need to address areas with high emissions, in particular our fleet. With the recent public concern of vehicle pollution and the potential for a pollution charge within our cities, there is a market for electric vehicles. Kier's commercial fleet is comprised predominantly of diesel vehicles - in particular LGVs - and as a result we need to find an innovative new platform with the reliability and capability to suit our requirements. In 2017 Kier carried out a three month trial of Nissan e-NV200 electric vans within Housing Maintenance. Three vehicles were trialled in two locations, London and North Tyneside. The trial came back a success with feedback stating the vehicle was 'easily driven and 'ideal for journeys to sites'. As a result of a successful first trial, Kier looks to continue to trial electric vehicles on site. If we can replace 100 LGVs with electric counterparts then we could look to save up to £170,000¹ in costs and 2402 tonne reduction in carbon footprint. The rolling out of some electric and hybrid vehicles has begun in Kier with the introduction of electric vehicles to our company car list in March 2017.

1 – diesel tank of 60 litres at £70.00 per tank

2 – reduction in carbon of 0.5kg per mile

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Every project we deliver is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to being a responsible business.