Who we are

Kier is the UK’s leading highways service provider, working with a wide range of partners from key central organisations like National Highways and Transport for London through to a wide range of local authorities, who are collectively responsible for the roads we travel on. We manage more than 27,000km of the UK’s strategic and local authority road network.

For over 90 years we have helped clients to deliver a wide range of road, bridge and tunnel projects, and have handled everything from planning, programming and delivery of major road schemes to routine maintenance and operation.

What we do

Our focus is on collaboration with our clients, our supply chain partners and our peers to share learning and experience, as well as to support the creation, development and implementation of new ideas and innovations in a world where technology is transforming the way we plan, travel and experience journeys.

We handle everything from the planning, programming and delivery of major road schemes to routine maintenance and operation. We focus on research and collaboration with stakeholders to find innovative solutions which will improve our roads and make a positive impact on local communities. We specialise in surface dressing for local authorities across the UK, from full resurfacing schemes to repairing minor defects.

Here are a few examples of where Kier is having a significant impact. 


Strategic Highways

  • We maintain the Spaghetti Junction, which consists of 17km of viaducts and 559 concrete columns – one of the UK’s most complex and busy road networks carrying over 210,000 vehicles each day.
  • We have installed 84km of motorway upgrade with a total construction value circa £800m.
  • We are responsible for 15 out of the 40 tunnels in England (37.5%) which makes us the country’s leading road tunnel maintenance service provider.
  • We employ over 400 full time Highway Designers.

Local Highways

We deliver highways services to 4.2m people across 20 local authorities.  Our routine, reactive and planned maintenance activities include emptying gullies, delivering surface treatments, repairing pot-holes and maintaining essential highway infrastructure for local authorities across the UK.

We operate our own dedicated bituminous product manufacturing plant in Wymondham which allows us to manufacture, lay and maintain quality surface treatments through our surface treatments business, Kier Highways Solutions.

Nordis is our specialist signs making business. A social value enterprise, Nordis provides meaningful employment to those with disabilities in the local area.

The Tarmac Kier Joint Venture carries out maintenance and improvement works to 189km network of TfL roads in North London, and all 13 London Boroughs. Additionally we maintain the highway networks in Birmingham, Surrey, Suffolk, West Northamptonshire, North Northamptonshire and Shropshire.

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Every project we deliver is an opportunity for us to bring our unique thinking to solve problems, innovate and collaborate with our clients and beyond.

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" Kier are a skilled and resourceful team who care about our customers and get the job done. "
Jim O’ Sullivan CEO Highways England

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