05 Mar 2024

Kier, a leading provider of infrastructure services, construction and property developments has today launched new educational resources designed to address the skills’ shortage in the construction sector and encourage young people to consider a career in the industry.

Developed by industry experts and educators, ‘Kierriculum’ will be made available to schools and colleges across the UK, and will provide a comprehensive library of resources to link school subjects with the real-world skills needed to build a career in construction. 

Highlights of Kierriculum include:

  • Ready-to-deliver worksheets and interactive sessions suitable for all age groups
  • Detailed lesson plans tailored to different subjects and educational levels
  • A comprehensive list of resources required to facilitate each lesson effectively


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"We want more people to consider a career in construction. With Kierriculum, we aim to transform perceptions of construction careers and showcase all that it has to offer and the skills required, including critical thinking, problem solving and practical delivery. 

“The response from teachers and pupils is that Kierriculum is a practical, interesting and fun way to aid conversations around careers, and we are looking forward to rolling this out across more schools."

Tracey Collins, Kier emerging talent and inclusion director 

From meticulously planned worksheets to interactive sessions, each component of Kierriculum is designed to make learning about construction both informative and enjoyable.

“Kierriculum is fantastic for groups who want to try something outside the classroom. It encourages problem solving and critical thinking because they’re working together as a group on a project.” 

Mr David, teacher at Fulham Cross Academy 

For more information about Kierriculum and enquiring about a school visit, visit our careers website.