In 2022, we were appointed by Network Rail to deliver the £65m main works package at Oxford railway station as part of the Oxford Corridor Phase 2 Project, now known as Oxfordshire Connect, to significantly improve both facilities and capacity. The busy station is not only a key interchange serving the historic city and wider county, but also a vital part of the country’s freight network.

Design and build
South East




Through-platform capacity for additional services



Improved active travel links with


wide cycle/footways to be introduced

"It is a great success story to see Kier engaged to deliver such a transformative project that is set to bring significant economic and social benefits. We also welcome the opportunities this offers the wider rail supply chain working on the project – particularly SMEs who will also benefit."

Robert Cook, Policy Director, Railway Industry Association (RIA)

Planning for the future

Rail is a key link to Oxfordshire’s transport system, with over 20.5 million journeys made to and from Oxfordshire stations in 2018-19. The station served 8.27m journeys in 2018-19, an increase of 63% over ten years.   

Future projections suggest that passenger numbers at Oxford station will grow significantly further.


The constraints at Oxford Station have included platform availability and pedestrian flow capacity. Further to this, the Botley Road Bridge which runs adjacent to the station, is a significant barrier to the wider transport network, with narrow cycle footpaths and low bridge clearance height.  

With the station itself also nearing full capacity, it cannot robustly accommodate the further growth and planned service enhancements, notably, the introduction of East West Rail services which are scheduled to start in December 2024.

Transforming Oxford Station

The first phase of the works we are undertaking to transform the station sees us working on the Botley Road, one of the main routes in/out of the city, in preparation for replacing the existing railway bridge with a new structure, providing additional clearance to enable standard height double-decker buses to travel underneath the bridge without restriction, alongside new 4-metre-wide cycle paths and footways on both sides of the road. 

Then our works will see the construction of a new platform alongside other station improvement works including the construction of an additional overhead canopy for platforms 4 and 5, a new western station entrance, ticket office, waiting room, toilets, café and shops, alongside the construction of a subway to connect the western entrance to the new platform.

With our improvement activity taking place in a busy city-centre location, around a live transport interchange and railway setting – we work closely with our client, Network Rail, Oxford City Council, local businesses and residents, to minimise disruption during the works. 

Our £65m works on Oxford Station will help to increase through-platform capacity for additional services, by 50%.  

The project will also significantly improve the capacity, accessibility, and safety of the station for millions of passengers every year.  

Transforming this station is a demonstration of our ability to offer clients a full portfolio of transportation infrastructure developments both trackside and beyond into roads, bridges, systems, and structures, with a common goal of connecting people.