What we deliver

Kier Housing Maintenance has been working with Gosport Borough Council (GBC) since 2011, to repair and maintain their housing stock, including voids and public buildings. Kier delivers integrated services to 3200 homes including responsive repairs and planned maintenance as well as specialist works including gas systems, electrical works and major disabled adaptations.

Each year we deliver over 12,000 repairs and take on average 17,000 calls, including out of hours.

How we deliver


We work in close partnership with GBC, keeping the customer at the heart of everything we do. Due to our longterm relationship, underpinned by our long-serving team we are fully engaged with GBC’s responsibilities towards their customers and their tenancy agreement principles and policies.

We hold a monthly finance/operational meeting with GBC, providing in-depth information in relation to true costs (cost plus model), as well as performance data. All our information is captured daily in real time from our IT systems, controlled and monitored by a fully-trained team. This ensures accuracy and consistency in the flow of information.

Customer service

We do not employ dedicated resident liaison officers on the GBC contract. Instead, our entire team, from operatives and call-handlers, to resource schedulers, supervisors and managers offers a fully comprehensive resident liaison service and exemplary customer service at all times. This is approach is validated by the fact that compliments outnumber complaints 8:1.

All calls are handled directly by the Kier Gosport team, who receive continuous training on Kier and GBC’s customer service expectations and GBC’s policies and procedures. Team members have qualifications in customer service and attend regular Tool Box Talks to ensure they are up-to-date with health and safety legislation. This ensures they can provide the best advice and support to frontline teams.

Direct delivery with a local team

The majority of our works are completed by a direct delivery team, complemented by a small selection of subcontractors to supplement over-flow of tasks and to allow GBC to flex the works as demand arises.

Where we use subcontract labour, we provide them with the same training and guidance as directly employed personnel, for example, they attend Tool Box Talks and Kier bespoke training sessions. Furthermore, all are long-term local subcontractors who we have built excellent relationships with since the contract began.

Social value

Throughout the contract we have worked closely with GBC to deliver tailored social value plans, designed to improve life chances for individuals and communities in the local area. Over the last 12 months alone, we have achieved over £200,000 of Social Return on Investment through investment in skills and employment, community activities and spend in the local economy.

We are now working with GBC to update our social value plan for future years, still focused on skills, employment and community but adding ‘environmental betterment’ also.

Continuous improvement

Over the years Kier has continuously reviewed how we deliver services. Our interventions have resulted in savings for Gosport of over £500,000 as well as providing a more efficient and improved service for residents.

Looking ahead we remain committed to the economic regeneration of the borough. The people who run and work on this contract are local residents who are personally invested in making the contract as good as it can be for the benefit of the wider community.

" I’ve known Kier since the contract began back in 2011 and was even involved in the tendering process, and we have a great working relationship. Kier employ a lot of local people, which is really important to us at Gosport. That, with the much appreciated work they do on behalf of the local community shows they are willing to work with us to help build a strong local economy. When it comes to their work on the ground, their response times are excellent, their workmanship is top class and the liaison between the Kier staff and our residents is first rate. Kier are a great partner to work with. "
Mark Hook Leader of the Council Gosport Borough Council

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