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​At Kier we’ve been working alongside telecoms clients for many years, keeping their customers connected via broadband and digital TV installations to designing and building FTTP (Fibre to the Premises). Through our Broadband and Digital TV Field Force we ensure clients fulfil service commitments to their customers, our FTTP programmes enable them to offer gigabit service provision and we also carry out maintenance for public mobile telephone networks across the UK and a 24/7 emergency restoration service.

Customer Service

Much of our work is very visible, be that going into people’s homes or businesses or streetworks. Working with customers on behalf of clients requires outstanding customer service and we ensure we deliver this through ensuring our workforce is accredited to visit people’s homes and also via creating a service culture, backed up by our own customer service training school.

We are also members of the UK Customer Service Institute. In this fast moving industry clients also want to know they are working with partners who can bring innovation to the work. We are, for example, highly BIM capable (Building Information Modelling). At Kier we are always looking for new and better ways of doing things and have the added advantage of being part of a Group that offers a full utilities services so we can provide telecoms services within a multi utility offering and use experiences in one sector to benefit another.

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" I'd like to take this opportunity to formally pass on my personal thanks for the work you and your teams have carried out to date with us on our Wi-Fi project… the results you have accomplished and delivered have been carried out in an extraordinary period of time - doing in months that which would usually take years. This has been a truly outstanding piece of collaborative work! "
Steve Townsend Chief Information Officer London Underground Limited on the Tube Wi-Fi roll-out